2nd Meeting at Reggio Emilia: Next Steps Forward

2016-05-09 Meeting italia2

Last 5th & 6th of May, INTERMOVE partnership met for the second time at IFOA headquarters in Reggio Emilia.

During the first day, Juan Guerrero, from INCOMA, opened the meeting by sharing INTERMOVE State of the Art and the advancements reached.

Later on, the first outcome of the project was presented: a report gathering both the cluster of needs for participants in Mobility actions and the analysis on Good Practices in preparation for mobility projects with special focus on IC and Language preparation. To that aim, partners previously undertook surveys targeting mobility- related institutions and simultaneously they carried out a desk&field analyse on potential initiatives in terms of cultural and linguistic preparation. Results and conclusions from the report set the perfect starting point for discussion on the design of INTERMOVE.

The report presentation was followed by a working session in which all partners had the opportunity to dig deep into the Course Structure together. We had the pleasure to count with the presence of one of the member of the Advisory Board, from UNISER, that will validate INTERMOVE products throughout the Project’s execution. His contribution as external validator and as expert on Mobility was really beneficial to start shaping the course.

First dissemination materials have already been launched and partners checked together the INTERMOVE Brochure. We have just activated INTERMOVE online channels and the FB Fan page is also running.  Stay tuned and help us spreading the word about INTERMOVE!

2016-05-09 Meeting italia1